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Wise Uses of Prefabricated Granite Countertops

Ever since the day Home Depot began to reach widespread consumer awareness, the world of do-it-yourself projects and home improvements blossomed anew. With this fresh arrival and evolution came so much to learn: tools, materials, supplies, procedures, and techniques. An item well worth mentioning, among the rows and rows of numerous useful products, is prefabricated granite countertops. This single item, with multiple potential applications, can have a profound impact with respect to its:

  •     Cost to you, as well as the subsequent
  •     Appreciated resale value of your home.

When considering the resale value of a property, not to mention the enjoyment of your home, it is widely known that the quality level of kitchens and bathrooms makes all of the difference. Kitchens and bathrooms that look appealing, current, durable, and opulent thereby create an elevated demand for the property. As a result, it behooves us to understand which materials can add value and presentation to the residence.

Since prefabricated homes tend to conjure the impression that nothing is unique, and perhaps the look envisioned about a cookie-cutter neighborhood reflects artificial quality, it is important to dismiss any correlation of that myth as it pertains to granite. Prefabricated granite countertops are made completely from natural stone, and are neither artificial, nor of inferior quality. prefab granite countertops

Selecting prefab when it comes to granite means saving time and money. When installation costs can rival or exceed the cost of materials, this certainly becomes a significant consideration. In this regard, pre-cut pieces are simply that: cut ahead of time according to commonly used dimensions. This mass production of pieces of high-quality stone enables the processing to occur in anticipation of demand, allowing the finished product to be ready as soon as it is needed. Being artificial is not part of the equation.

Most homeowner consumers are familiar with laminate and composite surfaces, and this is the image that the term “prefab” tends to evoke with regard to countertops. It is therefore essential that a clear distinction is made between inexpensive and low-cost surfaces, versus high-quality heat-resistant granite: 100% stone surfaces.

Granite countertop pieces are cut in a myriad of shapes and styles, catering to a wide array of tastes and applications. Pieces for kitchens can include bars, breakfast areas, island preparation centers, and extended peninsulas. Selections of color palettes vary as well, in order to accommodate individual taste and décor. Commonly, as an additional benefit, prefabricated granite countertops also include a backsplash of up to half of a foot above the counter surface.

Presentation and quality of the stone is not compromised with pre-cut segments. This option merely reduces cost and saves time. Granite countertops are an investment, and the prefab alternative can literally provide the same quality for merely a small fraction of the price of a custom-measured, cut, and installed piece.

Renovations especially benefit from a prefab selection. Regardless of the extent of caution and care exercised with kitchens and vanities, wear and tear will ultimately begin to show. Minimizing the chaos at home, when completing granite surface repairs and replacements, helps to keep the project on- schedule. Of course, this also restores the house to live-in condition as soon as possible.

Consider a review of all of these tremendous advantages of prefab over custom:

1)    Numerous available “custom-like” cuts,
2)    A fraction of the cost of custom,
3)    Delivered to your door and prepared properly for installation,
4)    Installed quickly and easily, and
5)    A special finish is applied to further protect and maintain the stone surface investment.

Remember: prefab simply means that the granite surface is cut and prepared ahead of time. This does not mean that quality or design preference must be compromised. This does, however, mean that the investment in the renovated or new kitchen or bath or bar will be completed quickly: quality will be gained at a significantly reduced cost.

Most manufacturers can complete the installation as well. The company that cut and prepared the surface, and knows how to properly handle the granite properly, will therefore swiftly and effectively secure it in place.

Your most important role, beyond designing and selecting the layout and décor for the renovation or addition, is to accurately measure the areas in question. In order to ensure proper fit of the new surfaces, sizes and dimensions must be captured appropriately, so that all of the pieces fit together as anticipated. Be sure to communicate precise measurements with the manufacturer of the granite surface in order to avoid delays or custom adjustments later.

Prefabricated granite countertops can bring to life a gourmet kitchen, or create a stunningly opulent bath. Such a choice enables those on a budget to add quality pieces to the home that increase its value and beauty, and wear well over time. Prefabricated granite countertops provide the essential opportunity to make that dream home a reality.

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